curious post upload prob - ideas?

Hi all

The max upload filesize limit for post in my php ini file is sufficiently high. However, my content manager won’t allow anything over 500k. It’s not even a PHP error message, it just doesn’t go anywhere, and says it can’t find the PHP script. This is obviously wrong as when I try with a smaller file it works fine. It definately does nothing, it’s not just a slow process which would eventually happen.

Any ideas? An error message from something would be helpful!

Try to increate the maximum POST size limit and increase the maximum amount of memory that can be used by scripts.

Cheers, but like I say, the maximum post limit is already on 8mb, i.e. 16 times higher than sizes I’m having trouble with. And in any case, I upped it to 16mb but no joy.

I’ll try the memory idea.

What do you do with the file you are uploading?

Just to note, I’ve had some issues in the past with the upload limit, iff you enter an invalid byte size it tends to ignore it and revert to the default setting (2mb).

Also, dont choose to large a number. Once it gets passed the string length it’ll default to 2meg what ever the number you entered.

Thanks guys. Miles - strange stuff, little confused here.

Bane - the file is being copied to the server. It’s an e-learning system for teachers to upload work to the school server.

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