Cryptographp Captcha System


I am completely new to php but I’ve managed to integrate a php web-to-mail form into my website. I want to use captcha as an anti-spam measure, and have implemented Cryptographp ( When the captcha code is entered incorrectly, or the user input fails validation, the user sees a second page to say there was an error with a link to return back to the form. The problem is although the link does redisplay the form, it also clears all the data the user entered.

I wonder if this is because when the user goes back to the form a new session is created. However, not being an expert in php I don’t know how to check this or what to do about it. It’s clearly possible to make things work the way I want to because the demo on the Cryptographp page stores the value when you go back.

Please can anyone help, bearing in mind I know hardly anything, so need an answer that spells everything out?! :-)



Have you tried contacting the authors of the script, or requested support from their website/forum? They know more about their script than we do.

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