Crontab help

Hi, I need to know how to set one up properly, word has it that you can access it through Telnet, (telnet.exe). I have tried…

o ...** doesn’t work. It won’t connect…


o localhost doesn’t work :@

just keeps saying - Could not open to the host, onport 23: Connection Failed.

Any help will be appreciated.

This is the only info/link I have on cron. Hope it helps you out. … 3-766.html

And another link… … m/155/php/

Basically to get it working on my host, all I did was went to the Cron Jobs and typed this in:

(lets pretend run at midnight a program called cron.php)

“0 0 * * * lynx -dump

I as well had problems connecting and got that same message when trynig to connect to mine as well. (when trying to connect through shell). So im not sure on that one.
Hope this helps!

Ok First of all, I am a bit confuse? What is your question relating to PHP ? is there a script you want to schedule on a regular basis using cron?
If so what is the syntax you used?

You have something that looks sort of like a crontab entry but a lot is missing .

Also what is the issue of Telnet? Perhaps Telnet (port 23) is closed. This is really a possibility, since it is a security hole. Maybe you need to use port 22 (SSH) which is secure.

If you are looking for info on the crontab itself, all you need to do is a quick google search
on crontab and you will get tons of results. I found this one to be decent.

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