Creating XML file

Could someone please help me. I am trying to figure out how to create an XML file that will be filled with randomly generated data. And that each time the data is randomly generated it will overwrite everything in the XML file with the new randomly generated data. Please help

What have you got so far?

Well I found that the player can use php generated xml files. Such as:

<?php header("content-type:text/xml;charset=utf-8"); echo "n"; echo " n"; echo "n"; echo ""; echo "testn"; echo ""; echo "n"; echo " n"; echo "n"; ?>

So now I need to figure out how I can get the random variables I generate in my generator.php to be in the playlist.php

i am not sure if I am explaining myself well. You can see the generator I created here: I just took out the mediaplayer that has the playlist and put small players instead of the playlist, but I really would like the playlist for it would be much cleaner. Please help.

Any ideas anyone?

I really would appreciate any help.

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