Creating public profile pages

I need to give my users the ability to create public profile pages. I am trying to learn php now and have basic understanding of mysql. Can someone point me to some samples of what I am looking for, been searching the web and cant seem to find what I am looking for.

kinda depends on how you wanna go about it…
you can let users login and fill out a ‘profile’ form on your site, then have a members list and when a name is clicked that info is pulled from the database and displayed on the page.


you can create a new page for each ‘profile’ using the touch() function…

Personally i’d go with the first option as then you’d only need one page and the content to change depending upon which ‘profile’ was being viewed.

Hope that makes sense,

PS: is my personal site, there is a profile page on there (you have to be logged in to see it, so you’ll need to register, but if you take a look and its what your after, i’ll send you the script :wink:
you can delete your account once you looked if you wish (top right hand corner when logged in = delete account)

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