creating a questionare


First i want to apologize of my poor english and my poor knowledge of php.

I want to create a questionaire like this one: (The website is in swedish)
and i wonder how can i do that?

i tried to create one but then it end up with me creating many php document for each question. i want all the question in one page like the one i showed earlier.
Like when i answer a question then the next question will show up and when i answer that question you proceed to the next question and so on.

I also want to know how to then check the answer and give the one who made the question a result like “you had 7/10 right answers”.

I have been using SESSION like this:

[php]<?php session_start();?>

<?php $_SESSION['name']=$_POST['answer']; ?>

(This is were the question is) [/php]

Sorry again for my poor english and poor knowledge of php

Thanks in advance

That is a huge project if you don’t know your way around php and javascript. Is this for learning or do you need this done any time soon? If so I would suggest paying someone to write this for you.


this is Josef the thread starter.

This project is for the class im taking. I got 2 monthes with this project.
I know how to collect the data with Session but i the thing that i really need help with is how to make it work like the website i showed in the beginning. So that when i answer the question and press next i will still be on the same page but the question changes.

Isn´t possible to make it work with only php? Because i dont know anything about javascript (will study it after the php class im taking).

You need javascript to make it work like that. Look into “jquery wizard”

I will have to search and read a little about javascript then.

Thanks for taking your time to answer.

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