Creating A New Page From PHP Form Submission

Is it possible to submit information through a form to create a entire new page from the submitted data?

For instance, say I have a database full of music artists. Instead of creating a page on my own, is it possible for me to submit the data about the band (name, type of music, etc) into a form that I’ve created to make a whole new page?

It is definitely possible

Awesome, ty. Do you know where I could find an example of this or at least a starting point? I’d greatly appreciate it.

Sorry for the double post, but I’m assuming that there isn’t a good place to find an example. Is there a book that will help me with this that can be found on Amazon?

I doubt you will find anything specific to do this. It’s going to be custom to your needs.

I assume you would need to start with the form. Create a form and PHP script to post the form data to. From there you just generate your HTML (using posted data) and write it to a file.

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