Create form that displays results on same page

I have basic knowledge of php though not used it for years. I need direction on how to create a form that displays its field values on the same page. A very good example of what I am looking for is’s tasks board. Here’s a link to an images of what it looks like:

The form field at the bottom of the page takes values and (there is no send button) once you click any where else on the screen, the value makes up a list above the form fields. You can then make changes to other columns of the list item.

What I need it for is a film shot logging web page. It will have the following columns:
No., Code, Audio, Take, Comment. Each of these fields should be able to be adjusted individually.

What’s the best way I (with my little programming knowledge) can achieve this?

Create your form leaving out the action attribute. That will submit the POST values to the same page. Check the REQUEST METHOD to detect the post. The form values will now be in the POST Array. Format display as desired. You will also need code to store/retrieve the data to a Database. The simplest DB you could use is SQLite.

Since you only have basic knowledge, you will have some learning to do or you could just hire someone to do this for you.

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