Create a popup boxed linked to variable in a db table

I am able to access a db table and retrieve records with one field (CLS) hyperlinked to another page. Instead, when I click the hyperlink I want to be able to bring up a popup box with one record from another table superimposed on the retrieved records page. I don’t want a separate popup button to invoke the popup box; I want the popup box invoked by clicking on the hyperlink. All examples I found use a dedicated button.

What do you mean by a pop-up? Are you using Bootstrap? They have built-in “modal” forms. Easy to set up and use. Do you mean Javascript that pops up on the browser side? This is more complex as it still needs to call the server. Therefore you would need to use AJAX, too.
If you mean just a pop-up like a “more-info” button with data from the server, you can preload that into a hidden DIV form and just have the link make it active. To do that, just use a standard MODAL form.

By the way, ANYTHING can be turned into a button. Links, Div’s, anything. Depends on where the data is coming from… A “hyperlink” or < A > tag can go nowhere by removing the HREF section. Then, use the ONCLICK to active the MODAL form code. Not sure if all this makes sense to you, but, a little more info might help us help you…

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