Could i get help with .php?newuser=aj please?

I am trying to make a registration program for my computer programs. I would like to try to get some help with using register.php?name=aj ect…
How do i make it so that it will look for a block of php code inside all of the php using ?name= and how do i set the ?name= as a string.

I want to make it so my users get free updates for the programs they buy and limit access to piracy. but i want to make it so they can fill out a form in my future programs and not have to mess to much with the website.

If anyone wants to help please reply. If someone wants to try out what i got so far to help with a little testing goto… (note: its not all done. and i wont add anyone that processes the form. thanks)

Also i do not have access to mysql so i hope that is not only for sql.
My server owners haven’t got is insatalled for me yet.


I’m not sure what youare trying to do exactly. I assume since you do not have access to MySQL you are using a text file as your DB. I do not know how much you know so I will assume nothing other then HTML and basic programming logic. go to and in the tutorials/basics section you will find a couple tutorials that can be of use to you. The two I suggest you start with are “Working with Forms” and “Working with Text Files”. You might also wish to look at “Form and Spelling Validation”.


thank you for your reply. i dont know if i did explain it right. i guess what i want hopefully it is more explained this time. is like

If for my login screen how do i get it all in one page other then working with anoter script. like if the user enters incorrect user or pass it will show up text at the bottom of the login win instead of going all the way through and loading on another page. just make it load on the same page. like in Visual basic i can call parts of the program window buy a keyword. and not load the whole window. im probley rambling. but the jist of things say when i enter a click here button in my computer program for register. they fill out a form in the window of my program and hit summit can i get it to put it in a url and fill all the correct fields in the form like … … ect=ect…
If that doesnt make since then dont worry cause i might not know what im talking about completely.

Either way thanks for trying to help me

To have a page load on itself you can have the form action = “$_SERVER[‘PHP_self’]” or the path and page name (Example "public_html/login.php or just login.php). PHP handles the whole page/form at once with the submit. if you want on the fly data validation check out javascript.

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