copying variables & values from header

I have a search form where users can enter categories of information (variables and values - i.e. book title, author, isbn, etc…).
Webusers will likely only provide one or two values for searching.
Then the search results page shows the records that match the variables and values.
Upon ‘adding to cart’ this search result page then forwards the specific product id (not searchable, cranked out by database) to an “add to cart” page.
The “add to cart” page then refreshes the shopping cart page as well as automatically redirects to the shopping cart page.

I would like the shopping cart page to reload the originally entered variables and values in the first search page by the web user. The shopping cart page will recommend further items based on the original variables and values - not much different from the search results page.
How can I transfer the user’s search variables and values from the original search page? It has to jump from the ‘search page’ to ‘search results’ page to ‘add to cart’ page and into the ‘shopping cart’ page?
I’ve tried to post to a form, transfer variables from the header, but ran into trouble. Too many variables to copy over to the next form.
I would like to copy just the variables and values entered by the user and pass them on.

Thanks in advance.

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