copy files/folder from computer1 to computer2

hi gud day to all…

in windows platform i use batch file to copy files/folder to another computer…

in this case, i use linux ubuntu 6.06 and i dont know how to create a batch file in linux platform. i decided to use PHP Script to copy from computer1 to computer2. my problem is how to code that php script?

tnx n advans :D

its better to use a sh-script:

#!/bin/sh cp /fromfolder /mountpiont/tofolder
thats all.

my problem is how to write the target directory

cp -r /root/file_server/* /network computer(windows platform)

do u have samba installed?

u need a smbmnt to somewhere and than u use that mountpoint.

smbmnt {mount-point} [-s ] [-r] [-u ] [-g ] [-f
] [-d ] [-o ] [-h]

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