Constant ERROR

Based on what the error message says, it’s probably not just about inserting whatever you want as a replacement for SYSNAME. Suggestions are gratefully received :blush::+1:

A) How about posting the line of code where the error is occurring?
B) This error is usually due to using an unquoted string as an associative array index name.
C) This ridiculous assumption that a non-existent defined constant should be treated as a string has been removed from php. This indicates you are not using a current supported version of php.

A - The code line is below.
B - Yes, I understood that. That’s why i asked what to put in there instead as a replacement.
C - Yes, it seems like that. The ERROR message tells me, but I can’tt find out what to put in replacement for SYSNAME. I don’t know what will be accepted.

  <div class='div-table-col' align='left' width='82' height='78'><h4 class='inline'><a href="<?=$HOST?>index.php"><img src='<?=$HOST?>/images/w-logo-orange.png' border='0' width='82' height='78'></a><?=SYSNAME?> - <?=PAGETITLE?>&ensp;</h4>
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