Connect to local Webserver control panel from website

Okay im new to this so not even sure I’m in the correct category

So I have a website

and I’m wanting to add a Admin page that I can password protect with .htpasswd etc that’s the easy part

I run a bunch of gaming servers and some have webserver that run locally on different ports
for example localhost:8081 will connect me to a Control Panel for managing a game server with a nice user interface

but to connect to this I have to be on the server via remote desktop and use the web browser there

Now I cant just push the port by port forwarding it as the UI isn’t password protected

I’m wondering if I can have lets say a server.php that will link back to this local webserver that I can password project

Any help would be much appreciated and I’m also new to all this so as much detail as possible would also be amazing
Thank you in advance

i would say the game-server’s web-server has to provide that functionality then.

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I second what Chorn says; take a look at the docs (or even the code, if it’s open source) of your game server. if it already has a web server, making it secure and publicly available would be the easiest approach.

All the files are inside of the exe for the server manager the only thing it creates externally is a cfg to set the local webserver port

You’re probably stuck then. For your PHP script to reach the server it will have to be publicly available, which leaves it open since you say you can’t password protect it. I’d get in touch with whoever built the program as my next step.

you would need some intermediate software then, like a proxy, but i dont know if that exists for ports or how it may be called, but wifi portals have similar approaches, like a “gateway page” or something.

So iv been doing some research and found the following posted by the creator of the server manager i was talking about howerver i looked over the documentation and it dosent explain what i need to do

The original concept of the OmegaManager was to restrict access as much as possible. Because of this, the OmegaManager is only available from the local host (localhost,

This is the recommended approach

To make the OmegaManager interface available to the public it is best to set up a reverse proxy using Apache, nginx or similar.

Setting up a reverse proxy can be achieved by following this guide:

Additionally, it is recommended to set up a form of authentication (HTTP Basic Auth etc.) and to utilize HTTPS when communicating with the webserver.

End Quote:

Any one able to point me in a direction or how i could set this up and what i would need to do

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