Conflictions when PHP desktop and xampp server are both installed

Hey folks,

If I install both of these packages on a Windows 10 machine, both of them come with the PHP command line interface or, shell, if you will. If I have technically have both of these installed, or rather just xampp installed from an executable or msi, and then I download PHP 7.4 or whatever the newest version is from the PHP downloadable website in the form of a zip archive or tarball, would I run into any conflictions or any type of confusion simply based on the fact that both of those things are on my machine at the same time? Obviously they both serve different purposes, but I have not done much with either one of them at this point because GoDaddy and all the hosting companies buy pretty much the same software from the same vendor the world over and all of the PHP modules and python modules and stuff are all in there ready for you to simply turn on and reference if you want to integrate that stuff into any web app. Tx


Use Laragon instead of XAMPP (for many reasons). You can have any number of Php versions and easily switch between them.

do you have any insight into the other issues I asked about? I will check out Laragon. I’m not interested in switching versions, but rather learning how and why I should care about PHP on a desktop, non-networked machine.

I wouldn’t consider it great practice. They should both work, but you run the risk of forgetting which you’re working on and writing something that doesn’t work in the version you’re targeting.

understood. kind of like the massive amount of nonsense in .NET. geez. =( good old Steve Ballmer.

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