Configure PHP 5.2.5 for MySQL??

So I see that PHP 5.x doesn’t come with MySQL support turned on. I’ve been doing this for a while setting up lamp/wamp servers for about 5 years and I’m stumped now. I just can’t get PHP 5 to have MySQL support at all. I’m trying to set it up on my new development laptop and I wanted to upgrade to php 5.x from 4.x but I can’t make it go. phpinfo(); continues to report that there is no MySQL support enabled. I’ve edited the php.ini file and uncommented the extension=php_mysql.dll line and ensured that the php install is in the system PATH variable but still no help.

MySQL works great and I can connect with Coldfusion (all configured to work through Apache 2.2.x) but PHP just isn’t getting it. I’ve tried both the PHP Windows installer (which never seems to copy everything you need) and I have tried the zip file method of extracting. I can’t imagine what I am missing? And I’m of course restarting Apache each time I change php.ini. I can see in phpinfo(); that it is loading the proper php.ini file I am making edits to as well.

Any help would be really great or I guess it is back to PHP 4. Thanks in advance.


Well, I fixed the problem by uninstalling all my components (apache, php, mysql) and then installing WAMP which had it all hooked up the way I needed. Just configured Coldfusion next (which works) and vioala, I’m all set running php 5.x now.

As a suggestion, why not just make php have support for mysql again by default? Maybe it it were easier to get mysql support running it wouldn’t e an issue but I see lots of messages from folks having this same problem. When folks can’t make it work, they will start looking at other languages. My two cents. :wink:

Heya Im trying to set up a site with PHP site. Totally new to the whole PHP thing but Im experianced with html and CSS. I got Apache 2.2 and PHP-5 all set. Got my internet site going. How can I have a account creation spot on my website? Can you point me in any direction? I got Mysql all set up and manage the database with Sqlyog. Thanks! If you wanna contact me…MY AIM is .

MOD EDIT: Removed contact details

Scepter: first of all, it’s not-done to hijack a thread. If you have an issue, create your own thread. Secondly, we handle ontopic issues on the forum, not on IM/PM/email conversations where noone but you gets the answer.

Furthermore, the problem in this thread is solved, so thread closed.

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