Concrete5 Simple News Addon problem...

Not sure if anyone on here has Concrete5 knowledge? I really am stumped on a site I am adding Concrete5 to. I’ve posted my problem on the C5 Forums, contacted the Creator of the Addon and other developers on C5 but haven’t heard anything back. I have been trying to solve this problem every evening for the last two weeks. I was wondering if anyone could help?

Here is the problem.

I am adding images via the WYSIWYG Editor in the Simple News Addon. When I click on the add image button the code generated is the following:


With this code the images do not show up in the News List generated. Just the Alt name of the image.

However, when I manually remove the “/test3/” from the front of the URL in HTML view of WYSIWYG, the image shows up as it should in the News List.

How can I edit the PHP (which file?) so that the “/test/” bit of the URL is left out automatically when the image is added via the button?

The site is in a sub-folder of my site.

I would appreciate any help. Thanks

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