Computer Specs.


This one was recently brought up by Zyppora and Peg110.

Have a computer you want boast to about? Now is the time!

Mine isn’t that great, but was a year ago -
Type Desktop -
1 gig of RAM
200 Gig HDD
2.0 GHZ AMD 64bit Processor
128MB Nivida Graphics Card
Combo Drive
17" LCD
Win XP Pro -

I bulit this about a year and looking at the specs now, I think it may be time to upgrade some hardware. :) I got a case with the clear side and there is like 3 different blue light sources. It glows pretty bright!!


Sounds kinky to me :wink: Especially the lighting. And it’s not that old yet, the specs can easily be considered ‘modern’ if you don’t consider Alienware PCs or somethin.

As for me:

Game/Dev PC: (custom built)

  • Name: Athena
  • CPU: AMD Athlon 64 X2 3800+ AM2 Socket (2x 2.0 GHz)
  • RAM: 2x TwinMos 1GB PC4300
  • HDD: Hitachi 80GB 8MB Cache SATA300
  • Videocard: ASUS Radeon X1950 Pro 256MB
  • Monitor: Philips 190C 19" LCD
  • OS: Windows XP Pro SP2

File/Webserver PC: (Packard Bell iConnect)

  • Name: Jessica
  • CPU: Intel Celeron 800 MHz
  • RAM: 128MB PC100
  • HDD: Maxtor 15GB PATA100
  • LaVie Porsche 250GB external USB
  • Videocard: onboard
  • Monitor: -
  • OS: Windows 2003 Server


I guess to be complete (from my other post),

My main server is a Custom:
-Dual Intel Pentium III 933 GHz.

  • 2 GB of Ram (Not sure of the FSB Speed).
  • 10 x 18 GB IBM Ultra SCSI 3 (SCA) Drives in a Raid 5 Configuration
    ----- One drive is a Hot Spare. All drives Hot swappable.
  • Radeon 256 MB Ram Video/TV Card (Although I don’t know why I only use it in text mode)
  • 2 x 100Mbps NIC (One is Netgear, one is 3com)
  • Sound *** It has one but it’s irrelevant because I don’t use it ****
  • O/S is Red Hat Linux

I don’t post the version because I don’t want exploits, well, exploited! Suffice it to say, it’s an earlier version, but it runs like a champ, so I don’t really want to change it.

I am however planning to move it over to a new server (so I can Upgrade the O/S on the old one to a more modern one). The new one is running Fedora Core 6. It too is a dual Intel but it’s a P4 1.5 Ghz (I think) with 1 gb ram, Nic is Intellinet 1Gbps with dual Seagate 80 GB Hard drives (unfortunately IDE) that are mirrored. Sound, video, and an alternate 100Mbps Nic are on board. Again, I don’t really use those features for the server as most is text based.

I am planning on moving this domain (and others) over to the new server, so I can upgrade the old one (The O/S that is) and then move them back. I will then re-purpose the second server for something else. But I want to keep the domain up as long as possible while I do the upgrade, That’s why I am using the second server.


Ah, I edited my earlier post to show that my ‘workstation’ is custom built. Anyway, I can see the use of RAID/Mirroring, but to be honest, that’s a little too expensive for me. I’ve only had a harddrive fail on me once, and that was a ‘Discard’ one, picked up from a box of rejected computer parts (the floppy drive that I picked up from the same box still works, mind you :P)

But yea, the 15GB in my server is from 1999 I think, still does its job faithfully. Even though it’s a Maxtor, and I’m most content about Western Digital. But I guess I take other safety measures to not need to insurance RAID/Mirroring provides.

Most computers around my house (I have more, but Athena and Jessica are the only ones currently active) have an 80GB harddrive. I split up the harddrive in a 20GB partition for the OS and a 60GB partition for the applications, media, etc. That way, should anything go wrong, I could always reinstall the OS without having to reinstall the applications (most of the times, registry keys aren’t even required, but taking them away like that messes up the configuration/settings of the apps in a lot of cases). Besides that, I save install files of the usual applications on the external Porsche 250GB harddrive connected to my fileserver. I guess that’s the only disk I really should mirror with a second.

But it saves a poor junior software developer from NL with a gf in NY a lot of money to opt to not use RAID :slight_smile:


Ah but the difference is that I host 4 sites (this one included). The other one is a forum (and other site information too). Thus I don’t think people want the sites down.

Actually, that was one of the problems the former owner of this site and why so many people finally left. The ability to keep the site up (specifically, I think he kept running out of space in the database for the sessions table).

And since I have had a hard drive failure on my server, I am so glad I had my raid.

However, it depends on the level of reliability that you need (and/or want). I chose to have it. Besides… for the price I paid (less than $1000.)

Anyway, now I am just bragging…


Whoa, RAID5 for under 1000? Being in the EU really does suck (prices are pretty much outrageous). Anyway, I guess I could get RAID5 for under 1000 (just not 180GB) and the quality would be so-so too, so I wouldn’t have to try that if I wanted reliability.

But yea, I’m only using my webserver as an internal DEV environment. Once I get the brunt of scripts done, I guess I should get myself a virtual server somewhere (dedicated is a bit too spendy for me, and hosted usually restricts me). But that’s all for the future :slight_smile:


I sold my desktop pc because the girlfriend was moaning about the noise. I brought myself a nice compaq laptop

15.4 inch widescreen
80gb hd
1024mb ram
1.87ghz core solo chip

It’s so cool for doing dev work, i can sit in my garden and have photoshop on my lap. Excellent! :smiley:


The Dell in the garage sounds like a file/webserver :wink: