Is there anywhere to complain about a rude moderator? I asked one simple question about cves and suddenly I’m being treated incredibly rudely. “Did you even READ…” Saying my question is “mute” and that I’m talking “nonsense”. Like what are the standards to be a moderator? I looked through his history and he does it to everybody.

You want to improve your site? Improve the people.

I apologize if annoyed you by my choice of words, but, you kept arguing about what I was saying. It was a mute point because there is a fix for it. Again, I am sorry if I offended you. Sorry, Ernie

If you wish to report something, you may click on the MORE buttons (three dots) and then select the FLAG icon.

* Moot point.

LOL Yep, Skawid! Nice catch…

While its never ok to be ‘rude’… putting into context reveals a bit more.

  • Volunteers helping (for free, just being nice people)
  • Posted answer/helpful advice to users
  • Users don’t listen or read…or more to the point ‘TRY’…

Our effort needs to be met with the same motivation/level from the user.

That being said I have never read Ernie being ‘rude’ (more so, even being nice to other RUDE/MOUTHY members, who, IMHO, didn’t deserve anything)… while it may not have been an answer you were looking for (especially when frustrated and looking for help)… I dont consider it rude, but more ‘getting back to the issues at hand’.

Yeah I figured people would just defend him since he’s a moderator. So I ran his comments by a few people first to see if they thought he was being rude or not. Everybody agreed he was rude. I don’t think being a volunteer is a good reason to be rude.

As for “not the answer” I was looking for, it literally didn’t answer anything. All of my questions at the end of that post are still open:

So where is PHP’s source for this dll? Is it vulnerable to the CVE? How do I know? Why hasn’t PHP upgraded it?

I did not get any answers. I was just ridiculed. I posted on this site because I have tried EVERYTHING else to find the answer to this. I e-mailed PHP’s mailing list, I e-mailed [email protected], I Googled the CVE+PHP.

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