Codeigniter not displaying stylsheet when clicking on links

Hi There,

I just built a sit in Codeigniter, but when I click on a menu item the stylesheet breaks and it displays all of the content broken out on the page.

Test Server:

Final Site:

I uploaded it to a test server and all the links works perfectly.But when I uploaded the finished site ot my clients server the css issue starts. Is there something wrong with my clients server? Or is there a problem with how I coded the site? Why does it work on one server, but not the other.


Looking at the source code I can see the link to the css file changing on your client server but stays the same on your testing server.

Testing server:
homepage css link:

about us css link:

Client server:
Homepage css link:

about us css link:

As you can see, on your clients server it is append values to the url.

Hope that helps,
Red :wink:


Thanks for that tip. I made it an absolute path, but now when I click on any page it just seems to keep on loading my home page view. Any reason why it;s doing this?

can you post up the code around (and including) the line that sets the css.

also, are you using .htaccess for file directories?

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