Code work needed

Ive added scripts to my site and am having trouble connecting on the backend.

  1. Finalizing a wall post on the home page by embedding a comment column(within output_images table) so users not only submit and display images but words as well.

  2. Have a separate Comment table used for Bio/About Me section on the profile page. Need help retrieving data from the table to display(echo) after form submitted. Also want images from the home page displayed in a gallery grid on the profile page.

  3. Making sure everything is connected properly to the login/register code so that all sections work:

Home page(wall post)

Profile/Edit profile

Chat(script I got from you)



I have everything in place. It’s just connecting the backend dots so the frontend runs smoothly for the potential users is what I need help with.

the best way to accomplish your task is to hire a freelancer. I can get your project working. contact me you may also use my whatsup number.

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PM sent, please check

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I haven’t gotten anything…are you responding to what I sent you the other day? Check your inbox

Issue solved…thank y’all so very much :heart:

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