Code help please!

I have a page(form) which displays a list of the titles of some
books(retreived from a database) and each title has a selection box with
option values 1 to 7 each.The user should be able to enter 7 choices of his
favourite books and store them in the database at a table called preferences
with fields: customer_id ,first_choice, sec_choice,third_choice etc.I am
really stuck in implementing how I can collect the choices and link them
with each book’s code so that i can store them in the table.I would really
apreciated if somebody could give me at least a hint.
Thank you

I would recommend you take a look at codewalkers “Creating Dynamic websites with PHP and MySQL”. It covers working with databases and forms (though you might want to look at “Working with forms and PHP” if you don’t know forms decently) and how they all interact with each other. Simply skip the installation of the software if you need to.

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