Code Does Not Generate Proper Message Number Sequence - help please

Hi all…

I’m very new here. I will be starting PHP classes in the future. However recently, (and ironically) I had been given a software that contains PHP code. All seems to work fine with the code, but it does not properly generate message sequences. Intead, when the create new message button is pressed, a new form opens up, but when the message is saved, the message number sequence goes out of whack!

I get a sense that whatever it is, it is incredibly simple - but to me, it is colossally confusing.

I have attached an image, but below is the ar.cgi file from which the code came. (I am way to new to PHP to even begin figuring this out and am getting overwhelmed - help is majorly appreciated).

The CGI script was a little too long to place here, so I put it into a zip. It can be found at this link: cEd2RE9nUzgzeUpFQlE9PQ

(the image of messy message sequence is attached below)

If I am not clear in my message, please let me know how i can better clarify.

I could really use some help on this.


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