Code displaying correctly on one server, and not the other

I have copied and altered-ish some code that I want to use for my website. It’s basically just a tiny script that detects today’s date on the webserver, and then displays a value from an array that matches that date. I’ve found some other ones I could try, but I like this one as its so incredibly simple. Now, to the part where it breaks:

Ignore how the text in it makes no sense, I’m only interested in the code :slight_smile:

  1. It works on my #1 server:
  2. It doesn’t work (exactly the same code) on my #2 server (this is the one I need to use it on):
  • it seems as if it just can’t get the info from the file that holds the array data, to me. No error messages, not in the log either.
  1. The script was last updated in 04. I’m thinking this could have something to do with PHPv4 versus PHPv5? Here is the phpinfo for both servers:

Originally it was three files, which I made into two. I tried to combine the code into one file instead of having two, in case that would help, but I wasn’t able to get it to work as one file. I’m probably pasting somewhere in the wrong place, because I’m in copy-paste-edit level of PHP, though I (think I) can read a bit.

Any ideas would be greatly appreciated :slight_smile:


[QUOTE=demo2.php]<?php echo "

"; echo date("F j, Y"); echo "

"; ?>
The idiom for today is <?php function dquotes($qdate) { include "idioms.php"; if ( date("z") > 59 and date("L") == 0 ) { $leap = 1; } if ( date("z") > 59 and date("L") == 1 ) { $leap = 0; } $day = date("z", $qdate + $leap); $dquotes = $quote[$day]; return $dquotes; } print dquotes(date(time())); ?>


[QUOTE=idioms.php (or part of it, it’s long)]<?php

// January 1 to 31
$quote[1] = ‘María, Madre de Dios’;
$quote[2] = ‘Basilio, Gregorio’;
$quote[3] = ‘Genoveva’;
$quote[4] = ‘Yolando, Rigoberto’;
$quote[5] = ‘Emilia’;
$quote[6] = ‘Wilma, Melanio’;
$quote[7] = ‘Raimundo’;
$quote[8] = ‘Luciano, Eladio’;
$quote[9] = ‘Lucrecia’;
$quote[10] = ‘Gonzalo’;

There’s total 369 quotes in the file, so only listing 10

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