code a custom imdb plugin

I have at present coded a theme for wordpress, which works great. But I am in need of a custom imdb plugin for my local install. I know there are loads of imdb plugins out there but they don’t meet my needs.

Hope some good coder out there will code me a good plugin and for a good price.

Thanks in advance

Budget :: no budget as in however much it is :slight_smile:
Timescale :: sooner rather than later.

Guess no one wants the money :frowning:

I think you’d have better luck if you added some info on what it is you want. “A custom imdb plugin” could be anything from 5m work to a full time position :stuck_out_tongue:

Requirements lists go a long way.

all I want is to be able to add a button to my already set up theme where I can add the imdb movie number to get the information that I want from imdb and insert it into the meta box page so that I can edit it before I save it to my movie db.

hope someone can help

If no one else takes you up on it, send me an email.

[email protected]

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