Co-owner/Developer for website

Hey, i am looking for someone to write and manage PHP and SQL code for my website, you will get to be the Co-owner of the site and when it starts generating revenue from advertising and such, you will get your share.

I’m not sure if you’re allowed to post these kind of things… not sure though, but anyways I’d be willing, but I don’t care about revenue. ;D

can we have more information on what this site will need? like an account system, chat, etc?

Is the site the actual product? If so this sounds a lot like a case of “the idea guy”

lol, i currently run 2 sites not including my own (which i use for testing purposes) all for nothing return. Both of those sites were cuz of that ‘idea’ person… but i do like doing it, just as long as they expect me to be doing it when i want and not assigning dates that it has to be done by -_-

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