Click to expand more detail and dynamic dropdowns

So I am very new to PHP and have several questions I was wondering if anyone could help…

I have managed to populate a table of data from the MySQL database. This shows: CarID, Make, Model

I would like to be able to do things.

  1. Make CarID clickable so that when it is clicked a new page is opened with the full car details e.g. engine size, mileage, year


  1. Allow the user to filter results using dynamic dropdown boxes. For example, they pick Make and the next dropdown is populated only with the models of that make. I have googled this and I know I will probably need to use AJAX or JavaScript to achieve this. I do not mind if the page has to refresh in order to get this to work.

Please, please, please help me!

What have you got so far?

What is your problems with what you have so far?

What have you done to debug those problems?

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