Checkout as Guest not working


I´m novice at programming :’(
I´m having issues with “Checkout as Guest” in my WordPress site, using a theme for ecommerce.
When checking out as a logged-in member, everything works like a charm! However, if checking out as a guest (i.e. without logging in), it will complain that you have to enter name and email, although these have already been entered!

If removing the name and email check, so no control will be made to validate if the fields are empty or not, the process will get through and the product will be ordered. However, the confirmation email sent out shows that the name and email (as well as shipping adress) are NOT provided, so I wouldn´t know who the buyer is :wink:
This clearly indicates that there isn´t any wrong in the ckeck itself. The issue is that despite entering all needed information in the checkout page, WordPress is not taking them into consideration.

The process in details (remember I´m a newbee):

  1. Add a product to the cart and press “Utcheckning” or “Till kassan”. Now press “Direkt till Kassan” to checkout as a guest.
  2. Fill out all fields with any information in the “checkout as guest” page, press “Bekräfta” (=Confirm). You will get to a new page with 2 errors messages, stating to enter Name and Email.
  3. The Confirm button will call the function “check_user_info()” in the file “single_checkout.php”, which checks if all fields are filled in. This check is working fine! (Note: There is also a reference from this file (single_checkout.php) to a file called “checkout_userinfo.php”).
  4. There is another check made in a file called “single_page_checkout_insertuser.php”. It is this check that complains about the empty name and email fields (although they are not empty). I know this because this file contains the exact same error messages that I get.
  5. single_page_checkout_insertuser.php is referred to from one file only: “payment.php”. If removing this reference (i.e. single_page_checkout_insertuser.php will never be called anymore), the checkout process will be successful BUT no user information will be available (empty fields in the confirmation email), so I don´t know who the buyer is which isn´t good :wink:
  6. The name of the fields are “user_fname” and “user_email”. I suspect maybe the theme I use is using some “standard” namings that WordPress also uses, so they interfere which eachother? Or that the fname for instance is never called from payment.php for some reason?

All help is appreciated 8)


Also, see attached php files (converted to .txt so they can be uploaded), and see these images:

checkout_userinfo.txt (6.19 KB)

payment.txt (9.01 KB)

single_checkout.txt (12.9 KB)

single_page_checkout_insertuser.txt (5.54 KB)

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