Check For Copyright (HELP ONLY)

I am in the process of making a script that will be 95% encode and sold.

Some of my pages will be encoded such as my functions.php and some pages that have the layout and smaller stuff that i don’t mind people changing will not.

So on every page there is a powered by line using the following code:
[php]<?php echo $poweredby; ?>[/php]
including the ones people can edit.

The contents of the powered by line are in the functions.php so they can’t edit that but nothing is stopping them from just removing the above code from the non-encoded pages.

So in short i am wondering if it would be possible to create a function that can be placed in functions.php that will check to make sure $poweredby is on each page?

I have something like this i am not sure if i can change it to work for what i want.

$response = file_get_contents(“”);
if( $response != ‘Powered By Script Name’ ) {
//Do something. For our example, kill the script.
echo “No Copyright kill script”;
//End Check

// Do normal code…

I am not asking for peoples opinion if i should do it or now. I am just asking for HELP.

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