Chat code problem

i have posted help in Beginners but also wanted to put it here. Here’s the link

ask urseve why ur postes havn’t get anwerd!!!

we are a forum to help php-coders, we are all volentiers.

so maybe asking why a downloded script dosn’t work has a few problems:

  1. try to contact the author, he is the one knowing the script, dont expect us to follow a link and install and learl all about that script.
  2. scripts that are for sownload mostly work, if they don’t there has to be a reason. could be the envioment (i havnt even seen a specivication of the OS or the SERVER u are using in ur post), and there has to be an error (either a displaid one or just something that isn’t working), u have to tell us.

the same aplyes to log codes posted. if it was ur code u should be able to say more than “it dosn’t work”. thats why we have to asume that it’s 3rd party script as well. i it wasn’t than u should be able to tell us more.

don’t expect somone to offer minutes of time (to get thru a complex scripr) if thatone sees that u didn’t even offer the time to post: ur OS, ur server, the exact error, and didn’t read the posing guidlines (wich say that u should post these infos)

habe fertig

windows xp prof version 2002

amd athlonprc™xp 1800+
608mb ram

and there server where the code is going is bravehost and as far as the code it came with the game my friend had purchased. There where ton’s of other errors inside the chat code i have fixed those to get it to work to this point. couldn’t it possibly be a database problem and not the code itself

could be a db prob, but how i’m suposed to tell?

still u are not getting to the point. it’s not that u told us the OS its mor that u havn’t told us the point where it’s going wrong.

there’s nothing wrong that i am aware of as i said when i activate the code in the game and people are it the room when they say something you can see there names but not what they have said
so it look like this




This is the best that i can describe what’s going wrong

when a line has // that is blocking that part of the code correct

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