changing $ to £ on my auction site

I recently purchased an ebay clone site but the currency is in dollars and i need it to be £…please please please can someone help me…i will pay someone if the can do this quickly for me

if u can tell me what script it is, may be it can help…

besides, here is the tip.

if it is a well-organized application, it must have a php file which looks like ‘config’ or ‘settings’ or something similar which usually holds the application-level settings. If u find that file, go thru the global variables, constants declared. May be u can find something like currency…which holds £ symbol.

if not, try and search for ‘£’ using ur editor. if u find only one result thru out the application, then it is the location. u can update there. if u find more instances (like many), then, there wont be such setting. u have to make individual changes.

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