Changing to cart attributes

Firstly let me say i currently know nothing about php. I am hoping that changes soon.
I am assisting with a friend who has bought a plugin that calculates shipping based on individual product weight/dimensions based on integers for each.

The problem exists that most of the products are fractions of a kg (the width/length/height thing doesnt matter as its only mm) but the plugin requires everything to be based on whole kg. And calculates each item individually (as far as I can tell from the attached code.) This creates a major distinction with the pricing from the courier’s site to the tune of 3-4000 % prices gaps. Most of the products are between 0-100g, not kg.

public function calculate_shipping($package = array()) {
	        global $woocommerce;
	        $address['suburb'] = $package['destination']['city'];
	        $address['state'] = $package['destination']['state'];
	        $address['postcode'] = $package['destination']['postcode'];
	        $address['country'] = $package['destination']['country'];
	        $i = 0;
	        $products = array();
	        foreach ( $package['contents'] as $item_id => $values ) {
	            $_product = $values['data'];
	            $q = 1;
	            while($values['quantity']>=$q) { 
	                $products[$i]->length = $_product->get_length();
	                $products[$i]->height = $_product->get_height();
	                $products[$i]->width = $_product->get_width();
	                $products[$i]->weight = $_product->get_weight();

	        $items = $woocommerce->cart->cart_contents_count;
	        $weight = $woocommerce->cart->cart_contents_weight;
	        $sizes['weight'] = $weight;
	        $sizes['height'] = $height;
	        $sizes['length'] = $length;
	        $sizes['width'] = $width;

What I am hoping for is someone to help me.

  1. allow the whole of cart weight (and dimensions if applicable as well) to be calculated at the end of the cart, after a rounding up
  2. stop the “each product” call that seems to be occurring.

or at least point me in the right direction as to HOW to do this myself.

Thanks in advance.


It would probably be located somewhere in this method: get_weight()

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