Changing Home Page

Hello, I have a site where the default page is how can I make the default page (warning page) instead. I want the .html to be the warning page then people will click on ENTER to go to

any help?

I checked the http file on my server and .html is the first one on the index list.

I think a reboot of the server process is required to enable a change in the configuration.

I rebooted the server and the changes did not take place. Any other suggestions?

Wouldn’t you just rename index.php to something like index_1.php, then the index.html will be the first page to show up when you go to your website. Then you can program the “enter” button to go the the page “index_1.php”. Does that work?

That will work but I have to reprogram 100s of pages that refer back to index.php. This will be time consuming.

There has to be some other setting thwarting your plans. Carefully look at the configuration of your server software again to make sure you didn’t miss anything.

As a workaround, you could also have index.php check its referrer: if it’s not index.html, redirect to index.html.

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