change the .php extension into some thing


I want to change the php file extension .php into some one like .abc

Is there possible to change this?.

Thanks in advance


You can do this but it’s the webserver that needs the “Changes” to see the .abc file as PHP.

PHP is a “Pre” Processor. It uses resources of the server, so by default it will only look at PHP files for this “Pre-Processing”. Adding a “Handler” to your webserver will allow you to alter this and process other files through PHP.

I have done this for HTML files as well, because, I don’t necessarily want users to know where I have “Scripts” running. Again, a down side (at least for HTML and HTM files) is that it will consume more resources to processing files that may have NO php code in it.

What kind of webserver are you running or are you using a “Hosting” company?

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