Change Password Function with MySQL/PHP/JQuery

Hello, I would like some help making a change password function for PHP/MySQL/JQuery.
I have started it off a bit but have no idea where to go from here, some help would be very appreciated.

Here it is so far:

[php]else if($_POST[‘submit’]==‘Confirm’)

$err = array();

if(!$_POST['password2'] || !$_POST['password3'] || !$_POST['password4'])
$err[] = 'All fields are required.';

	$_SESSION['msg']['reg-err'] = implode('<br />',$err);



$script = ‘’;[/php]

Form is:


Your Account Settings

echo ‘

Change Password


Existing Password:

New Password:

Confirm New Password:



From there, do any validation that’s necessary, then if that’s ok, run your update query.

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