Category dropdown menu

I’m currently tweaking the image script from 4images to use as a video archive instead of image gallery. I’ve got most parts under control, but I need some help with making dropdown menus for my subcategories. For example:

My main category is called Nature
Then the subcategory is called Plants and trees
Then the next subcategories are called flowers, trees, grass etc.

I only want dropdown menus to be shown for the second subcategories (flowers, trees, grass etc.). So if a member decide that s/he wants to view only Roses in the flower category, you can choose that in a drop-down menu and all images of roses will appear. Then s/he wants to view purple flowers so s/he clicks (in the colour drop down) the colour purple to view all images of purple roses. To reset or choose something else you just use the drop down again.

I also want the drop downs to be different for each subcategory, so the first subcategory is Flowers with drop down options such as types of flowers, colours etc and the next subcategory is Trees with drop down options such as different countries, seasons etc (basically only sub-sub-categories showing for each sub-category).

What I’m looking for is something similar to what they have at (main category with books, movies, tv-shows etc., then a subcategory with different tv-shows for example where you can choose to define it more:

I’ve asked over at the 4images forum but no one seemed to have the answer for this.

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