Catch All


I was thinking that it would be kinda cool if there was a Catch All Type forum. Where people can just go to and post topics on almost anything. Not just PHP questions, but like anything. I think it would could open up the community to some good debates and just bring in more users. Anyway, that was just a thought. Wanted to see what others thought about it.


A “General” forum as it were?

At the moment the database allowance is 20Mb, last time I checked we were at 18Mb.

Although the idea of a general forum sounds interesting (and at a later date we’ll consider adding it) we just dont have the database space to allocate it.

Once we’ve figured out our database problems, we can sort out extra forums and such like.

Thanks for your request,


Although late in posting this reply… There has been a forum created since the change of ownership (and servers) for this.