Car license validation, help!

Dear forum member who reads this,

I’m attending a school to become a graphic designer and they thought it was a good idea to give us a php case. My knowledge does not go beyond HTML / CSS and php is completely new to me. I try to educate myself now but i just can’t figure out what to do with the following case:

CASE 3: Car license

A car license plate always consists of 8 characters (XX-XX-XX). Each character is a letter, a digit or
a ‘-’ character. A letter is always next to another letter or next to a ‘-’ character. A digit always stands
next to another digit or next to a ‘-’ character.
Create a function that checks a license plate with the above conditions. the
function returns true or false.

Tip 1: Do not panic
Tip 2: Mostly good solutions also get points
Tip 3: Use modulo (%)

I understand you are not here to do others homework but I’m a little desperate and hope for some help here.

Thanks in advance :-*,


Look at using a regular expression, if you search google someone has prob already.done it

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