Can't seem to retrieve my info from my php form

Here is all my data: my data I put into my html document , my mail.php code and where it was going. The first item is my ERROR code I keep receiving. Any help would be most appreciated.

This is the response i receive from my php program----------------------------------->

Method Not Allowed
The requested method POST is not allowed for the URL /register.html.

this is the script that is in my html page-------------------->

Your Name:



This is my mail.php info-------------------------------------->this is in my public_html folder

<? function checkOK($field) { if (eregi("r",$field) || eregi("n",$field)){ die("Invalid Input!"); } } $name=$_POST['name']; checkOK($name); $email=$_POST['email']; checkOK($email); $comments=$_POST['comments']; checkOK($comments); $to="register.html"; $message="$name just filled in your comments form. They said:n$commentsnnTheir e-mail address was: $email"; if(mail($to,"Comments From Your Site",$message,"From: $emailn")) { echo "Thanks for your comments."; } else { echo "There was a problem sending the mail. Please check that you filled in the form correctly."; } ?>

I am trying to post to my register.html website page
I have this in my public_html folder as register.html (a blank page)

If I cant do that I would like to post to an email address I set up.****

what webserver are u using?

I am currently using LunarPages

to me that neither seems to be a apache nor a php error.

when doues it come up? after pressing the submit button?

could u tell us the url?

after i fill in the form i hit submit and get that error message

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