Cant Log In To Forum

hey you guys, this is vba_php, Adam. I can’t contact @astonecipher, as apparently brand new accounts cannot. I’m getting an error here. aren’t you a mod @ErnieAlex? I talked with AC about this months ago. this is the 2nd time. here are 3 ways to view the error:




Hmmm… I have never seen that happen before! Do you have a second browser on your system?
Perhaps you should try that first. It might be a plugin or something local on your end. I will look at the
banned sites, but, I don’t think any of us have ever banned by ip before…

I checked and your vba_php account is not banned or locked out or silenced. This means that is should be active. I saw that the IP you used to create your vba_php account was done in Iowa and the last IP you logged in from is a shared server in New Jersey. (Limited access to this type of data on this site.)

So, my first suggestion would be to reboot your system and attempt it again. Also, if it fails again, can you use a neighbor’s computer to see if it is just your system or your account? Hard to tell you what to do without some further info. Let us know if either of these work for you

EDIT: Also, do you have a good anti-virus on your system? Just another thought. You might be able to disable it for a few minutes after rebooting to see if that is causing the problem.

I never use AV programs. Nothing. As soon as I found out the russians were scanning ISP networks all across the globe using bots to check for security holes, I didn’t deem it necessary anymore.

ummmm…NO. =) I don’t use IP addresses outside of Iowa. Not sure where that came from Ernie. Pretty sure that’s incorrect. I use a us cellular phone as an IP address, most of the time.

Phones can give really strange results. Hmmm, just realized you are back in with your correct name.
Good. I will consider this a done deal.

agreed. I switch all the time. I have 5 phones. 2 of them have service with a carrier. one android, one iPhone 7. both have routing connection features. I am now back on iPhone. my last post was on the android.

both phones use the IP address:

thanks for your help, Mr. Expert. =)

can you also tell me if that new username I created is now cancelled by you or another?

Well, your ip on your phone might be the one you posted here, but, the connection was listed as in the connection you have going right now. Phones either use the local IP if you are connected to wi-fi or the phone company’s IP address where you were last routed thru. So it is not an exact number. Your end vs the actual server sending you out to this server. And also, most IP checks are not reliable at all. So, this site’s process to attempt to get your IP might not be working well.

And, I did not, nor have ever delete your other account or any other.

Five phones? Why?

I have had that same problem. I think clearing your cache and history resolves it. I was able to login from my phone but not my desktop with same IP so it was clearly a device issue.

That’s no surprise whatsoever. with all the bots and crap going on on the internet. who could know it all. God only. and probably not even him, considering that the internet is something he has no user for.

that’s my business, sir. =) point is: I keep all phones I ever owned. no other reason.

now THAT is useful info. thanks ben!

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