Can't log in anymore on my home connection

I’m receiving this error message signing in to php help on my computer and mobile whole connected to my home broadband (bt)

We have been having a bit of trouble with this lately. Not sure why as yet. I have been working with another member who has the same problem often. Most of his have been on the phone. What is your IP address when this happens? Send it to me in a private message and I will look at the site to see if it is really blocked or not.
Sorry for the trouble!

Your IP address is not blocked at all. I added it as ALLOWED. See if that fixes it or not. Post back in a day or two and let us know. Sometimes, I have seen changes in the IP list take a day to work. Hope this solves it. But, it did not solve it for another person having the same issue.

I have the same issue. I’m logged in on Chrome. if I try to log in on any other browser e.g. Firefox, I get the same message about IP. However, after several attempts it then works.

web1928, on a phone or a laptop or a tablet or a desktop? Just curious as it might help solve this.
I can not see anything in the ADMIN sections where anything has changed. But, 3 people now have had some sort of issue with it. Thanks for you input!

This is on desktop, same UK IP (static).

If I spam the sign box I do eventually get in

Well, someone having this problem online said to try Chrome browser as that seems to work better.
If so, I wonder why. I never have an issue on my Win10 laptop using Firefox. I do clear my cache
every few months. Not sure what to suggest next!

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