Can't get started

I am a newbie, but this is baffling:
I am running Red Hat 8, and loaded php-4.2.2-8.0.5 from the disk, along with apache (httpd-2.0.40-8).
All seem to have loaded fine. All conf files seem to have been set up correctly(done automatically in the install):
LoadModule php4_module modules/, DirectoryIndex index.php, etc.
Apache seems to be working, as the test page appears when http://localhost is loaded.
However, nothing php works- the standard “test.php” using phpinfo(); does nothing when loaded in the browser.

Any ideas would be greatly appreciated.

is there an “AddType” in the apache config?

is ur script displaying ‘<?php phpinfo(); ?>’ when u use “view html souce” in ur browser?

There is only one AddType in the config: AddType application/x-tar .tgz

Should there be one for php? (I did try using: AddType applicaion/x-httpd-php .php after reading your message, but had no affect).

When the php file is loaded in the browser, it appears exactly as it does in the text file… it shows: <?php phpinfo(); ?>

Hi again- looks like the AddType did the trick, as I had not restarted the httpd (as I mentioned I am a newbie).

Thanks ever so much for your response. Now the fun begins…

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