Can't figure out how to make a only one row of an array to display

I can’t figure out how to make one row of my php display on another page. What I want to do is have each single row of the information display on another page so the client could print it. . Here is a link to a screen shot of what my page looks like.
Here is the code used to display the table so far.


My {$INI['system']['couponname']}

  • Category:
  • ${current_coupon_sub('index')}
            <div class="sect">
				<!--{if $selector=='index'&&!$coupons}-->
				<div class="notice">There is no usable {$INI['system']['couponname']}</div>
				<table id="orders-list" cellspacing="0" cellpadding="0" border="0" class="coupons-table">
				<tr><th width="300">Deal Item</th><th width="100" nowrap>Voucher's Number</th><th width="60" nowrap>Voucher's Password</th><th width="100" nowrap>Valid Till</th><th width="40">Print Voucher</th></tr>
				<!--{loop $coupons $index $one}-->
					<tr ${$index%2?'':'class="alt"'}>
						<td><a class="deal-title" href="/team.php?id={$one['team_id']}" target="_blank">{$teams[$one['team_id']]['title']}</a></td>
						<td>${date('Y-m-d', $one['expire_time'])}</td>
					<tr><td colspan="5">{$pagestring}</td></tr>
        <div class="box-bottom"></div>
<div id="sidebar">



and this as well
require_once(dirname(dirname(FILE)) . ‘/app.php’);

$daytime = strtotime(date(‘Y-m-d’));
$condition = array(
‘user_id’ => $login_user_id,
‘consume’ => ‘N’,
“expire_time >= {$daytime}”,

$count = Table::Count(‘coupon’, $condition);
list($pagesize, $offset, $pagestring) = pagestring($count, 10);
$coupons = DB::LimitQuery(‘coupon’, array(
‘condition’ => $condition,
‘coupon’ => ‘ORDER BY create_time DESC’,
‘size’ => $pagesize,
‘offset’ => $offset,

$team_ids = Utility::GetColumn($coupons, ‘team_id’);
$teams = Table::Fetch(‘team’, $team_ids);

include template(‘coupon_index’);

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