Cant change PHP file


I am trying to change the text on a php for our website which i can do, but each time i save and upload to FileZilla
its stil the old text we see, is the Unautherized access at the top the problem if so can i change and is it as simple as autherize, which i have tried but doesnt work


What are you changing?

The “die()” at the top stops execution of any further code. So, if the text you are changing comes after that, it will be an issue.


Thanks for reply, just trying to update the text on our opening page.
Can i just take out the “die” bit of the code, or wont that work ?


It should. Like I said, the die function will stop the page from going further. Is there a reason you have it there to begin with?


The pages were written by a client who did our website, but he is no longer working near us
so just wanted to try and update with my limited knowledge


Well, the die is in a rather peculiar place. Is it meant to restrict access or was it there just to be able to work on it while it was on the server?

If there is no reason for it, then delete it and move on.


Not really sure, will try deleting it and see what happens.
Will let you know


Nope tried deleting die bit,but didnt work, web page still say old text1


Then I am going to guess you also have caching at work.

What is the URL and I will check from my view.

  1. Pictures are for hanging on the wall. Post your actual code using the code tags.
  2. Are you sure the file is successfully uploading? File permissions could keep it from overwriting as well as file ownership.
  3. Delete the file from the server. Did it work? Good. Open the browser to the file. Do you get a file not found? Good, upload the updated file. Open in browser. Is it the updated file?


Did you show us just a screen shot of part of your page? This page does not start off as a normal page
Normally, a website starts off at index.php or index.html or other such page. What is your website’s URL?
Give us that and tell us what you want changed and we might be able to help further…