Cannot Remove Radio Buttons and keep advanced search working

I please need some help in removing 2 Radio Buttons and keeping the Advanced Search Function still working. If I just simply remove it, the function doesnt work at all. Any suggestions would be appreciated. The Radio Button is just below this Code (SEARCH_PROPERTY_TITLE)

Thanks in advance.

$isshow_search = 0;
if(is_home() && $_REQUEST[‘search’]!=’’)
$isshow_search = 1;
if(is_home() && $_REQUEST[‘page’]!=’’)
$isshow_search = 1;
$isshow_search = 1;

style="display:none;" <?php }?> >
 	<h3> <?php _e(SEARCH_PROPERTY_TITLE); ?> </h3>
     <div class="search_row clearfix">
     	<label class="for"> <?php _e(SEARCH_PROPERTY_FOR_TEXT); ?> : </label>  
		<input name="srch_type" <?php if($_REQUEST['srch_type']==''){ echo 'checked="checked"';}?> id="srch_type_all" type="radio" value="" class="radio" /> <span><?php _e(SEARCH_ALL_TEXT); ?> </span>  
		<input name="srch_type" <?php if($_REQUEST['srch_type']=='Buy'){ echo 'checked="checked"';}?> id="srch_type_buy" type="radio" value="Sale" class="radio" /> <span><?php _e(); ?> </span>  
        <input name="srch_type" <?php if($_REQUEST['srch_type']=='Rent'){ echo 'checked="checked"';}?> id="srch_type_rent" type="radio"  value="Rent" class="radio" /><span><?php _e(); ?> </span>
   <div class="search_row clearfix">
   	 <label> <?php _e(SEARCH_LOCATION_TEXT); ?> : </label>   
      	  <select name="srch_location" id="srch_location" onchange="" class="fl select">
     	    <option value=""><?php _e(SEARCH_ALL_LOCATION_TEXT); ?> </option>
			<?php echo get_location_dl($_REQUEST['srch_location']);?>
        	 <label class="spacer" > <?php _e(SEARCH_AREA_TEXT); ?> (<?php echo get_area_unit();?>) : </label>   
      	  <select name="srch_area" id="srch_area" onchange="" class="select">
     	    <option value=""><?php _e(SEARCH_ALL_AREA_TEXT); ?></option>                
			<?php get_area_range_dl($_REQUEST['srch_area']);?>
      <div class="search_row clearfix">
   	 <label><?php _e(SEARCH_PRICE_RANGE_TEXT); ?> : </label>   
      	  <select name="srch_price" id="srch_price" onchange="" class="fl select">
     	    <option value=""><?php _e(SELECT_ALL_PRICE_TEXT); ?> in <?php echo get_currency_sym();?> </option>
            <?php echo get_price_range_dl($_REQUEST['srch_price']);?>
			<?php //echo get_category_dropdown_options(get_cat_id_from_name(get_option('ptthemes_pricecategory')),$_REQUEST['srch_price']);?>
        	 <label class="spacer" > <?php _e(SEARCH_KEYWORD_TEXT); ?> : </label>   
      	   <input name="srch_keyword" id="srch_keyword" type="text" class="textfield" value="<?php if($_REQUEST['srch_keyword']){ echo $_REQUEST['srch_keyword'];}
		   else{ _e(CITY_STATE_ZIP_SRCH_TEXT);}?>" onblur="if (this.value == '') {this.value = '<?php if(isset($_REQUEST['srch_keyword']) && $_REQUEST['srch_keyword'] !=''){ echo $_REQUEST['srch_keyword']; }
		   else{ echo CITY_STATE_ZIP_SRCH_TEXT;}?>';}" onfocus="if (this.value == '<?php if(isset($_REQUEST['srch_keyword']) && $_REQUEST['srch_keyword'] !=''){ echo $_REQUEST['srch_keyword']; }
		   else{ echo CITY_STATE_ZIP_SRCH_TEXT;}?>') {this.value = '';}" />
       <div class="search_row clearfix">
   	 <label><?php _e(SEARCH_BEDROOMS_TEXT); ?> : </label>   
      	  <select name="srch_bedrooms" id="srch_bedrooms" onchange="" class="fl select select_s">
     	    <option value=""><?php _e(SELECT_ALL_BEDROOMS_TEXT); ?> </option>
 			<?php echo get_bedroom_dl($_REQUEST['srch_bedrooms']);?>
			<?php //echo get_category_dropdown_options(get_cat_id_from_name(get_option('ptthemes_bedroomcategory')),$_REQUEST['srch_bedrooms']);?>
        	 <label class="spacer2" > <?php _e(SEARCH_BATHROOM_TEXT); ?> : </label>   
      	  <select name="srch_bathroom" id="srch_bathroom" onchange="" class="fl select select_s">                            
     	    <option value=""><?php _e(SELECT_ALL_BATHROOM_TEXT); ?></option>
        <div class="b_search_properties b_spacer"> <a href="javascript:search_now();"><?php _e(SEARCH_PROPERTY_TEXT); ?></a></div>
		$post_types = "property";
		$custom_metaboxes = get_post_custom_fields_templ($post_types,'0','user_side','1');
 </div> <!-- search form--></form>
 <div class="property_id_search">   
  <form method="get" id="srch_frm_by_id" name="srch_frm_by_id" action="<?php echo get_option('siteurl');?>">
 	<input type="hidden" id="spid" name="s" value="search" />
	<input type="hidden" name="search" value="search" />
 	<h3> <?php _e(SEARCH_BY_PROPERTY_ID_TEXT); ?> </h3>
  	<label><?php _e(SEARCH_PROPERTY_ID_TEXT); ?> : </label>
    <input name="srch_property_id" id="srch_property_id" type="text" class="textfield" value="<?php echo $_REQUEST['srch_property_id'];?>" />
    <div class="b_search_properties clearfix"> <a href="javascript:search_by_id()"><?php _e(SELECT_TEXT); ?></a></div>


My guess is you need to pass srch_type with the value srch_type_all to your search function. Probably just code it in as a hidden form element. That’s the quick and easy way - there are others like tracking down the corresponding function in the search script.

Another way would be to remove the two radio’s and then re-validate the pages.
When you validate the page, it will tell you your errors. The errors should show the lines where
your now-missing radio’s are accessed. Would save your time. You would then look at the error lines
and that would show the routines that use the data from the now-missing radio’s. Did that make sense?

Here are the standard validators for HTML and for CSS…

Good luck!

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