Can you tell mw what this line of code does?

Can you please tell me with this line of is doing:

$get_videos = $db->rawQuery("SELECT DISTINCT(, v.* FROM u_paid_videos AS upv LEFT JOIN " . T_VIDEOS . " AS v ON (upv.id_video = WHERE upv.id_user = {$user->id} ORDER BY DESC");

and also what this line of code does:
$get = $db->rawQuery('SELECT * FROM '.T_VIDEOS_TRSNS.' t WHEREpaid_id= '.$user->id.' AND (SELECT id FROM '.T_VIDEOS.' WHERE id = t.video_id ANDis_movie!= 1 AND user_id NOT IN ('.implode(",", $pt->blocked_array).')) = video_id '.$rented_movies.' ORDER BY id DESC LIMIT 20');

I look forward to any assistance

They’re probably making queries against your database. rawQuery isn’t a standard PHP method, so they’re using some database library to do it. It’s difficult to tell you more without knowing the structure of your database.

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