Can you do whatever ASP.NET does using PHP?

DevExpress offers some tools for ASP.NET called a spreadsheet. You can see its demo in the following link:

Can PHP make such a spreadsheet along with all tools it has?

Well, yes and no. PHP can do anything that ASP can do. But, what you are showing is a complicated AJAX system with client-side controls on it. That means it uses JS for a lot of the code and plugins for the rest. It would be a huge undertaking to convert it all to native PHP.

There are other ways. You could use a library to read an Excel sheet and display it and save the changes back, but, that is also a lot of work. You can edit any Excel sheet using MS-Excel and save it as a webpage. Once saved, it can be used in your website. Not sure how the saving is done that way.

What are you trying to do? If you need a spreadsheet online on your live site, you could still use DevExpress and just use it inside an iFrame as-is. Not really a solution for you, but, some things to think about.

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