Can someone help with PEAR?


I do have a web application which is made with PEAR:

(PHP Extension and Application Repository:

developing platform was WAMP with these: Apache 2.4.9, PHP 5.5.12, MySQL 5.6.17

Now I’m trying to install PEAR to Ubuntu 18.04 with this platform: Apache 2.4.29, PHP 7.2.5, MySQL 5.7.22
I do have go-pear.phar -file I’ve tried to run it, but bash gives me this:

manifest cannot be larger than 100 MB in phar "/home/ligustri/Asiakirjat/go-pear.phar"PHP Warning: require_once(phar://go-pear.phar/index.php): failed to open stream: manifest cannot be larger than 100 MB in phar “/home/ligustri/Asiakirjat/go-pear.phar” in /home/ligustri/Asiakirjat/go-pear.phar on line 1271

Any suggestions what to do?


Is it feasible to rewrite it to use composer instead of PEAR? I’m (somewhat) okay with using PEAR on legacy systems but when upgrading I’d be way more comfortable if the code was updated as well. Don’t think I’ve touched PEAR in years, if you’ll keeping it then hopefully someone else here has


I’m not able to change the repository and developing system, so the key to make the PEAR working is necessary.


Have you tried installing pear via ubuntu apt-get? You should be able to to something like:

apt-get install php-pear


sudo apt-get install php-pear

It may make things easier (it might just do everything for you). At that point you can use the pear command on the console to find, list and install the packages you need.

Hope this helps,


Thanks, it seemed to get it through!