Can Someone help my about my problem?

		  		  		  		  		                Hy all

I try to setup my PTC script, but when i upload and try to run me srcipt, is all the time comming the next error message:

Warning: shell_exec() has been disabled for security reasons in /home/a6930502/public_html/lib/lib_functions.php on line 11

I check the php file and there is find this

9 }
10 function mysql_ver() {
11 $output = shell_exec(‘mysql -V’);
12 preg_match(’@[0-9]+.[0-9]+.[0-9][email protected]’, $output, $version);
13 return $version[0];

What i should do tho resolve this problem, cos now i even cant login to the admin are.

Thanks Roland

Looks like your hosting provider disabled this function in php.ini (directive: disable_functions). If you have no access to php.ini on your server, you need to avoid using disabled functions in your code.

In your code, you can replace line #11 to this:

[php] $output = “4.0”; // or whatever MySQL version is on your server

Thank you so much, is work

I look in the internet allready like 5 days, how to fix my problem and here i get the answer in 5 min. Again thank you very much!

No problem. Good luck in learning php!

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