Can some one help me write this Query?

Ive asked a few people to i just made a page with what i want to do located here.

There is an image and text under neith of what i want to accomplish.

Would this work:

SELECT user, pass FROM account ORDER BY downloads ASC


I have tried everything i i even did that but for some reason i THOUGHT it was wrong.

I have been stuck on this damn thing for hours (not so good with php)


Alright this may be a hard one.

What i want to do is make a login field for a user name and password.
A person will type in a user name and pass and then through the POST it will send it to the CGI login script.

If the login was success full then i need to insert the user name and password into my database.

If the login failed, it will echo an error.

Any Ideas?

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